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Good news! Kutools for Excel 27.00 is coming with dozens of useful new features and excellent feature improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading Kutools for Excel 27.00 .

Tip: full function & feature, free trial in 30 days! If the 2-year free upgrade support period is not expired, you are entitled to a free upgrade to this version.

New features

1. New handy chart templates

1.1) Dynamic Polyline Chart
If you are working with multiple series of data and want to display only one series dynamically at a time in your chart, this Dynamic Polyline Chart can help you out. This new feature helps to generate a dynamic line chart with a scroll bar and a list box. You can easily select any series in the list box to display only the data trend for that series in the chart and adjust the scroll bar left and right to mark a data point in that series as you need.
2.2) Truncate The Y-axis Chart
Suppose there is a range of data, and some data is extremely huge compared to others. If you create a column chart with the data, the smaller data will not be precise enough in the chart. This new feature helps to easily create a chart that breaks the Y-axis scale at certain start and end data points you specified, making the data in the chart more visual.
2. One-to-many Lookup (returns multiple results)
By default, the VLOOKUP function only returns the first match for a specific lookup value. If you want to return all matches for a lookup value, this new feature is your best choice.
With this feature, you can achieve:
2.1) Lookup and return multiple matching results in a single cell;
-- The results can be separated by commas, spaces, newlines, or other delimiters you specified.
2.2) In addition to just listing all the matches, mathematical operations such as sum, count, product, average, etc., can be performed on all matching values.
3. Split Data to Rows
This feature is designed to split multiple text entries in a single cell which are delimited with certain character (such as semicolon, space, newline, etc.) into different rows.
4. Clear Advanced Drop-down List
This feature can be used to clear the scope you set for the Multi-select Drop-down List feature, Drop-down List with Check Boxes feature, and the Searchable Drop-down List feature.

1. Replace Any Characters
The Replace Accented Characters feature is now renamed as Replace Any Characters. This feature is presented in a new look in this version. It is improved to support:
1.1) Replacing any accented characters with regular characters;
1.2) Converting punctuation marks between Chinese and English;
1.3) Converting characters between full-width and half-width;
1.4) Converting letters between uppercase and lowercase;
1.5) Converting between newlines and spaces;
1.6) Removing all non-printed characters;
1.7) Customizing your own replacement rules.
2. Add Text
This feature has been optimized to have more useful options:
2.1) Add text before certain text;
2.2) Add text after certain text;
2.3) Add text between characters;
2.4) Add text between every word;
2.5) Add text around the text.
3. Remove Characters
This feature now supports removing duplicated characters within a cell and keeping only the first occurrences.
4. Dynamic Drop-down List
This feature now supports creating a 2-5 levels dependent drop-down alphabetically.
5. Advanced Drop-down List
The Multi-select Drop-down List feature, the Drop-down List with Check Boxes feature, and the Searchable Drop-down List feature can be applied simultaneously in different data validation ranges in one worksheet.
6. Transform Range
This feature now allows transforming the selected range without preserving the cell formatting, which can make the whole process much faster.
7. Apply Date Formatting
This feature now allows you to add your custom date formats. And you can modify the date format list to keep only the date formats you need.
8. Advanced Combine Rows
This feature now has a refreshed look that provides a simpler, more coherent experience that lets you operate more easily. Besides, more useful options are provided:
8.1) Skip empty cells when combining cells based on criteria in another column;
8.2) Delete duplicate values when combining cells based on criteria in another column;
8.3) Combine values with colon when combining cells based on criteria in another column;
8.4) Count unique values based on criteria in another column;
8.5)Preview the results of the merge in the dialog box under the Preview tab.
8.6)Click the Sample button to open a sample file to learn how to use this feature.
9. Sort Sheets
This feature now supports reordering worksheets in a workbook including hidden worksheets.
10. Setting Center
A new option “Disable Advanced Drop-down List on Startup” is added to the setting center.
This option helps to enable and disable the Multi-select Drop-down List feature, the Drop-down List with Check Boxes feature, and the Searchable Drop-down List feature at the same time.
11. Re-run Last Utility
The latest 10 used features will be listed in the Re-run Last Utility drop-down list. You can re-run a function by clicking on the name in the list.
12. Interface Optimization
The following features now have a refreshed look that provides a simpler, more coherent experience that lets you operate more easily.
12.1)Multi-select Drop-down List
12.2)Drop-down List with Check Boxes
12.3)Searchable Drop-down List
12.4) Features under the Super LOOKUP group
12.5) Hide/Unhide Workbooks and Sheets
12.6)Select Range Helper
12.7) Fill Custom List
12.8)Insert Sequence Number
12.9)Enable Date Picker
12.10)Link Sheets (formerly known as Data Association)
12.11)Export Graphics
12.12)Import Pictures
12.13)Match Import Pictures

13. Big Data Optimization
For some features, we have improved the rate of big data processing and the accuracy of results.

14. Undo operation: improve the stability
15. Increase the backup speed
16. Other improvements

1) Fixed: Make Up a Number – Handling numbers with two decimal places may lead to calculation errors.
2) Fixed: Date picker - The Date Picker dialog box will display when selecting non-date formatted cells.
3) Fixed: Data Form – The displayed total does not match the selected number of rows under some special states.
4) Fixed: Combine Rows, Columns, or Cells without Losing Data – Formulas are recalculated after merging.
5) Fixed: Link Sheets – The dialog box is covered when naming a scenario.
6) Fixed: Expand Dynamic Drop-down List – Failure to expand the dynamic drop-down list range in some cases.
7) Fixed: Passwords Manager – In some cases, the “automatically fill password” option does not fill in the password correctly.
8) Fixed: Convert Time – Filtered columns are also converted when saving the results to another location.
9) Fixed: Send Emails – In some cases, the program will get stuck when setting a longer send interval.
10) Fixed: Other minor bugs.
1 year ago
I like the TRUNCATE THE Y-AXIS chart; I normally have to set a secondary axis for the one outlier data set I use.
I love the enhanced Accented Characters feature - I've had to customize the list a lot, but this looks much cleaner.
Remove Characters - beats doing Find-Replace all the time!
Color-sorting by sheet? Oh, I'd really love to get this at work... :)

Unfortunately, my comments are based on the post above, not the actual use of v27.
v26.1 is my last free upgrade; and I use KT for a volunteer online database; not for myself. Can't afford the upgrade; maybe a couple of versions later...
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