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  Thursday, 04 August 2022
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Hopefully, what I'm about to ask is possible somehow. Whether it's with just Excel, Kutools for Excel, Power Query, or Power Automate. I'm open to all solutions right now.

I shot this video that has details to make it easier to understand:


But here are the basics:

1. I have a list of 8700+ keywords but I want to know how many times the keywords with locations show up.
a. For example, these three keywords are pretty much the same:
i. land for sale in Arizona
ii. land for sale in Texas
iii. land for sale in California
b. And so I would want to know the “land for sale in” shows up three times
2. So, I need to Find and Replace all the States within all the keywords with “[TOKEN]”
3. Then, I need to Find and Replace all the Counties within all the keywords with “[TOKEN]”
4. Finally, I need to Find and Replace all the Cities within all the keywords with “[TOKEN]”

I hope this makes sense and that there’s some way to do this.
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